jeudi 2 juillet 2009

Welcome - Bienvenue

Welcome to my online art gallery!

I would like to have my own art gallery in a near future. Meanwhile, I will be blogging about art and artists. Art is my passion, it keeps sane, focus and open to what is happening around the world and in my own heart... I hope to share this passion with you and make you discover new artists that need your eyes and your love!

My primary language is french so there will be some posts in french and some in english. As for the one in english, I'll do my best to produce them in a way that can be understood and without too many mistakes. My goal is not to be recognise for the quality of my language but more to make you see and discover new artists.
Please be open and ready to share your ideas and suggestions with me and I am also welcoming all your comments and critics! Don’t hesitate to let me know of any grammar mistakes!!!